Angel Leigh McCoy (angelmcc) wrote,
Angel Leigh McCoy

For those who didn't notice,

it's Saturday. June 1. A great day for beginnings.

At midnight-ish, I launched the new layout of the site that I put together for them. It was quite a feat that put my coding, design, and patience to the test, but I got it. And I'm proud of it. Used Wordpress, but I had to jigger it lots to get it just like I wanted it. I couldn't find the perfect theme, so I took one that was close enough and adjusted it. I stretched a few web design muscles I didn't know I had. And I discovered I'm a super-genius! Woot. That's good to know.

Started the day with an avocado/collard green/carrot/banana/blueberry/milk smoothie. I am LOVING my new blender more than is natural.

First on the agenda was a little HWA webmaster support. Folks needing stuff. Add me to this. Take me off that. There's a link broken here. A forgotten password there. The usual. Believe me when I say there's more to being a webmaster than just putting together some web pages, especially for an org with over 1000 members. I have a staff! o_O

Speaking of the HWA, there's only a week and a half until WORLD HORROR CONVENTION!! In New Orleans. Yup, going back to N'awlins. And I can't wait. Love that city, and I love WHC. It's gonna be a great time. I get to hang with my best buds E and Chris. And, this year, a close friend, Alison, is going too. Her first time. Gonna show her the ropes.

Sent Ms. Kiernan the list of questions I want to ask her when I interview her at the convention. She's the author guest of honor, so it's kind of a big deal. I remember the first time I ever saw her. I was at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, somewhere in the mid-90s. She was tall, beautiful, and regal, in a gothy sort of way, and was hanging with Poppy Z. Brite. I've heard she's less gothy these days, almost 15 years later, as am I. Hard to believe I ever was gothy, but it's easier to pull off when you're younger and cuter. These days I'm more inclined to go for comfort than cuteness, but what can you do?

Still reading? Please watch this. It'll make you laugh.

And this:

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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