Angel Leigh McCoy (angelmcc) wrote,
Angel Leigh McCoy


I'm finding it hard to focus today. Maybe I need more caffeine. In 5 minutes, it's 7pm already. Day's almost done. Another one slides by. WTF.

Admittedly, I wasted a bunch of time at one of the celebrity gossip sites that have "lists" of things. Twenty ugliest celebrities. Fifteen worst sports injuries (don't look at that one!). Actually, don't look at either one of those.

Do, however, look at images of Emma Watson, who has grown up nicely. They led to images of Daniel Radcliffe who has also grown up quite nicely. (feeling pervy, changing subject)

So, there I was, watching Kitten Cam, when all of a sudden I remembered I had a workshop to plan.

Random Chunks of my Day!
  • My revised draft of the Narrative Design 101 book I'm writing is coming along great. I'm to the stage where I need to start shopping for agents or publishers. I welcome any suggestions. Now, I need to pull together materials for the Narrative Design Workshop I'm giving at World Horror Con. I plan to have handouts.

  • Blurbing someone else's book is awesome. I get an advance reader's copy, which makes me feel loved.

  • I am free! I finished the last of my kickstarter reward edits today. Happy dance.

  • Did I mention that Daniel Radcliffe is playing the lead role in the film adaptation of Joe Hill's HORNS? The novel is pretty damned…good.

And, I've discovered a new song I can't get out of my head.

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